Seriously I’m proud of you. It is very brave on your part - heartfelt, scary, funny and loving. You own that room and it was all shining back at you. TE FUCKIN AMO!
— Luis Guzman | Actor

Cancer isn’t funny, but Tim Kavanagh’s Shit Show is! Tim’s self deprecating, and defecating, humor takes the audience on a hysterical journey from the terrifying diagnosis - “Tim you have cancer.” - through a myriad of procedures, including a colonoscopy, radiation (don’t miss the description of his last treatment), and surgeries, all with their own unexpected outcomes. As a colon cancer survivor myself, I laughed out loud at Tim’s descriptions of some of the side effects we encounter, and think no one else does! Tim makes cancer the “butt” of his jokes, sharing the good (the love and support of his family), the bad (complications, pain, the effects of meds), and the (really) ugly (like the stroll Tim took through his brother’s neighborhood). The show is funny, sad, sometimes gross, heartfelt, hopeful, and very entertaining. Go see it. You’ll love it. And that’s No Shit!
— Pam Allen, Colon Cancer Survivor
Tim was an amazing keynote! Funny and inspiring.
Tim Kavanagh’s keynote was so much fun

I loved Tim’s SH*T Show. His presentation about his personal experiences, recognition of his caregiver’s contributions, and the humor infusion was outstanding. I believe every person in the audience was touched deeply.

Tim Kavanagh was excellent. I hope that he takes his “show” to other areas for cancer survivors.

The Shit Show is a hilarious roller coaster ride: part potty humor gone amuck, part heart tugging, emotional journey of one man facing down colon cancer. This is a raw look at the human spirit while embracing the humor that life brings.
— Sarah Lemnah, Executive Director of the Cancer Patient Support Foundation

It’s an amazing show and i have to say the strongest performance i’ve seen Tim put out there. It is a testament to him as a man, as a cancer survivor, and as a person who shows so much bravery and humor in the face of an incredible challenge. At a time when fear, embarrassment, and crushing defeat should be the natural reactions - he turns it all upside down and shows us how to live and laugh as only a survivor can. Simply a comedy professional and in the face of such adversity. Bravo, Tim. You are a one of a kind survivor.
— Sean Greenwood, Grand Poobah of Public Relations, Ben & Jerry's

I had the pleasure of seeing this show at The Stowe Weekend of Hope in Vermont. I am on my fourth cancer and this one is rare with no responding treatment. I felt totally defeated....up until I saw this show. I witnessed a man take his own devastating situation and rise above and make the best of it.
Not only is this show unbelievably funny but Tim has a personality larger than life! I left the show with a totally different perspective on my own situation. Tim not only shared the gift of laughter but he gave me the gift of Perseverance but more importantly, through this show he gave me the gift of Hope.
This show is a must see no matter what obstacles you may be facing in life. It truly changed my life. Thank you Tim and Candy.
— Jeanie Bone